All diver’s have their favorite dive destinations that have special meaning to them.  Often, it’s not just spectacular sea-life encounters that define it for them.  It’s usually a combination of several things that make a particular place stand out.  As mentioned in episode 4 of our podcast, we tried to define what makes a great dive destination to us, and came up with the following attributes:

  • Good / abundant sealife (of course!)
  • Ease of Diving
  • Ease of travel (and cost) to the dive destination
  • Reliably good weather / dive conditions
  • Good food
  • Options for non-divers
  • Warm water

Here are the 3 that stood out for us.  Let’s us know your top 3 in the comments below or by emailing us or posting a comment below.


Cozumel is a great destination because the only tourists that stay here for more than half a day are usually divers.  So it feels like we divers have this little Mexican dive island all to ourselves.  It’s inexpensive, has great food, and has warm water with great viz, and you usually are drifting along with the current, which makes for some relaxing, yet memorable dives.  However, there’s not much for non-divers to do here after a day of looking around, so not a good choice unless the whole crew are divers.

Here’s a shot of Mai drifting through the beautiful rock formations at Palancar Bricks:

Here are some notes mentioned on the podcast:

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman has to be my favorite destination in the Caribbean.  It’s got beautiful beaches, great food, and amazing shore diving in addition to the fantastic boat dives. Here are just a few highlights of what it has to offer:

Let’s get this out of the way…. stingrays!  Legend has it that stingrays got used to humans back in the days when fisherman would dump their bait as they came in for the day.  Now they let you feed them by hand.  If it doesn’t conflict with your dive ethics, it makes for some great photo opportunities:

Grand Cayman has some cool underwater statues.  In addition to the mermaid (seen on the home page), the Guardian of the Reef is also easily accessible via shore dive.  Here’s my buddy James checking it out:

Eden’s rock is a great shore dive for newer divers.  It’s shallow, has great sea life, and beautiful rock formations including a few swim throughs:

The Kittiwake is one of the biggest ships at some of the shallowest depths.  You can see the boat from the surface, and the bottom is only at 60 feet. Plus it has been outfitted with wide open passthroughs, so that getting stuck inside is not a concern for most divers.  (I’m not sure if it’s still upright anymore though):

Here are some detailed show notes and links for Grand Cayman’s famous dive sites and r


Bonaire is so close, yet so far. Not many flights go there, and they are usually much more expensive than flights to other Caribbean destinations. But when you get there, you’re rewarded with a truly unique dive experience while getting a taste of Dutch Caribbean culture as you explore the town at night.  You get to drive around the island in pick up trucks with scuba tanks I’m the back.  Whoever you feel like diving, just pull over by a painted yellow rock and jump in.  It’s so surreal that it feels like the divers version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory.  To top it off… pink flamingos!!!


Here are some notes referenced in the podcast:

  • Dive Sites: Hilma Hooker, Salt Pier, White Slave
  • Topside: Lighthouse, Flamingos, Salt Flats
  • Pink Flamingos are really white
  • Hotels Mentioned: Courtyard, Divi Dive Bonaire, Captain Dons


Let’s hear your top 3 destinations and why you love them so much. We’re hoping to read some comments in our future epsidoes.  Email us or comment below.

Listen to the podcast episode here: