Mark Losavio Is Our 1st Guest!

We are honored to have Mark Losavio be our very first guest on The Aquatic Life podcast.  He tells us about his improbable journey from growing up in Kentucky to becoming a dive club founder, world traveller, marine sciences major and getting marine biology graduate degree.

Mark is just about the nicest guy you will meet, and was kind enough to spend time telling us all about his experiences and his love for the ocean and passion for his research.  Would you believe that getting a scuba diving merit badge with the boy scouts (even though he had no idea that it was a scouting activity) is what started him on the path to where he is today?  (As an eagle scout with 100+ merit badges, im jealous that i don’t have a scuba diving one.  I’d gladly trade pioneering for diving!)

Have a look below to learn a little more about Mark’s passion for diving has lead him down the path of doing what he loves for a living.


Marine Biology – Sounds Cool! So, What Exactly Is It?

If you’re like me, you know as much about what it takes to become a marine biologist as George Costanza did…. which, is basically nothing.

Luckily, Mark is here to enlighten us on what its like to go through an undergrad and graduate programs that focus on marine sciences and marine biology.  He talks with us about what sorts of studies are required, and sets the record straight on how much actual diving is typically required for each degree.  For instance, Mark graduated from The University of South Carolina with a Marine Sciences degree.  Although it didn’t require much diving at all, Mark still got in his dives as part of the dive club that he founded.

Mark got his graduate degree at Northeastern University as part of their Three Seas Program.  This program allowed him to travel to several countries, do some diving in the name of science, and do some cool research.  He’s now a student ambassador for the university.

In addition to schooling us on what it took to get his degrees, he tells us about some of his favorite diving an travel experiences from 6 gill shark encounters in Capetown, South Africa, to the right of passage hikes in Panama…. and apartenly looking at this little fish (for science):

Thanks Mark for taking the time to chat with us about your journey so far!  Hopefully we can keep in touch and follow up with you as you go on to your next adventure!  If you’re ever in Southern California and want to go diving together, please drop us a line… and bring your slate!


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Learn more about some of the educational programs Mark mentions here:

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Mark had a couple of corrections that he wanted to mention:

  • Mark’s professor that studies ecological forecasting, not climate forecasting.
  • Marks professors went on Mission 31 in the Aquarius habitat (not ‘Mission 41’.)