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We’re all dreaming of that next big dive trip.  One of the big dilemmas is if you should boarding a ship and dive off of a liveaboard, or if you should stick to land and dive based on a resort.  Todd and Dalton discuss the pros and cons of each.

Which Should I Choose?

The reality is that the individual destination will usually be the deciding factor that drives if a liveaboard makes more sense than a dive resort.  However, there are several locations where both options are viable.  Have a listen to the episode to help you decide.

Where Do I Find Out More About Liveaboards and Dive Resorts

A good starting place to see what boats are available at your destination is  For dive resorts, I tend to look at Trip Advisor.  You can also look on Scuba Board, where many members will write detailed trip reports for their dive trips.

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