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Henry Mather – Diving and Photographing South Florida’s Most Famous Sites

Henry Mather is a South Florida based dive master and underwater photographer.  During our chat, we talk about some of Florida’s most famous dives from Blue Heron Bridge to the many wrecks of Key Largo.  We also explore Florida’s version of black water dives. During the episode, we reference a few of Henry’s shots taken on his dives.  You can view them below along with when each photo is referenced: (all photos courtesy and copyright of Henry Mather)   Jawfish aerating his children at Blue Heron Bridge | Palm Beach, Florida, USA | (referenced at 28:34) Orange Sherbert Nudi | Komodo, Indonesia (referenced at 36:40) Turtle Dive Buddy on the Duane | Key Largo, Florida, USA | (referenced at 44:11) Blackwater Squid | Rivieria Beach, Florida, USA | (referenced at 53:30) Snorkeling With Whale Shark | Isla Mujures, Mexico | (referenced at 1:03:12)

Henry’s Underwater Photography Kit

Henry’s a Nikon shooter for life, and has been happy with his Nauticam housing for keeping his kit safe and dry.  Here are the details of what he shoots with:

  • Nikon D500
  • Nauticam NA-D500 housing
  • 2 x Inon z240 strobes
  • Wide Angle Setup: Tokina 10-17 fisheye | 10″ dome port
  • Macro Setup : Nikon 60mm, 105mm | flat ports | snoot
  • Nauticam 180 degree viewfinder
  • Carbon fiber float arms


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