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Adam Hanlon – Talking with Wetpixel’s Editor In Chief

Join us today while we talk with Wetpixel’s owner and publisher Adam Hanlon, we will be talking about everything from how he became the current owner of Wetpixel to his favorite post dive drink in the Dive Brief and everything in between.  Below are a few images that Adam shared with us along with when each photo is referenced: (all photos courtesy and copyright of Adam Hanlon)

A large female tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) , accompanied by two jacks swims past a diver at Tiger Beach, Grand Banks, Bahamas. Referenced at 28:34

I love hanging out under whale sharks (Rhincodon typus). Free diving with these beautiful animals allows the photographer to move quickly and nimbly, unburdened by tanks, weights and scuba gear. The aggregation of whale sharks that occurs annually off Isla Mujeres, Mexico is a unique opportunity to witness large numbers of sharks behaving entirely naturally. Referenced at 28:34

A coconut or veined octopus (Amphioctopus marginatus) gathers up its shells. These charismatic and intelligent animals utilise shells, coconut husks or other similar objects to provide portable shelter and protcetion. Inthis case, the octopus has decided to move and is attempting to carry all its shells with it. Referenced at 28:34

Diving in cavern in Mexico. Referenced at 28:34

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