Hi Everyone, Welcome to The Aquatic Life Podcast.

Here’s a quick introduction to your hosts and our goals for this show.  I figured we can do a virtual interview:

More about Todd

Todd Reimer

Introducing your co-host Todd Reimer!

Q: How you did you meet Dalton?
A: We met playing in an Indoor Volleyball league in Los Angeles in the early 2000’s.   (Don’t ask him for details on where we met.)  We quickly became friends and realized we both had a love of photography and the ocean.   We got ceritifed in 2006 with the goal of shooting underwater photography.

Q: Are you a professional photographer and / or work in the dive industry?
A: Although I have sold some of my work over the years, diving and photography is my passion, not my full-time profession.  But, I’d much rather start a podcast to talk about diving than Enterprise Resource Planning software implementations.

Q: What are your goals for the podcast?
A: Everywhere we go, we meet lots of people that are so passionate about Scuba Diving and Underwater Photography.  But when it’s time to go home, we trade social media info and emails, but it’s easy to lose touch and hard to have in depth conversations like we used to in the past. I’ve met so many people that are professional underwater photographers, dive resort owners, dive crew with amazing stories, and of course many many wonderful people from all around the world that share the same love of the ocean, travel and adventure. So, I hope that we can share people’s amazing stories and expertise with the rest of this community. And of course, we will share our knowledge with you along the way.

Q: Anything you want to say to listeners to the podcast?
A: As our podcast community grows, I hope to include and feature as many of you as possible.  So if you have a good story or  some expertise that you would like to share, or even just took a good photo and want to share it, please hit us up!

Also, I’m by no means a radio broadcast major, nor a toastmasters champion.  Please bear with us as we get up and running.  Things will get much more polished over time.  But, Dalton and I love to have fun and a good laugh, so be on the look out for special segments in some of our episodes to keep things light.  Thanks for joining us!


More About Dalton

Introducing your co-host Dalton Hamm!

Q: How you did you meet Todd?
A: That’s kind of a funny story… But we will save that for one of our podcasts or a meet and greet, and we will use the family friendly version here. We met playing in a co-ed volleyball league in L.A. close to 20 years ago. We realized we both had a love for the ocean and photography, which led us to quickly becoming buds, getting certified up to rescue diver and we started traveling the world making underwater images and working on our craft.

Q: Are you a professional photographer and / or work in the dive industry?
A: Yep, I am a commercial photographer specializing in underwater, professional sports, astro-landscapes, fashion and automotive, also I am a certified SCUBA instructor and have my U.S.C.G Captains (Masters) license. One thing about me is when I am passionate about a subject I want to learn everything there is to know about it to a expert level, so with photography and diving I have pursued them both to an expert level (although I am still learning something new about them everyday), working in both industries for more than 20 years.

Q: What are your goals for the podcast?
A: Well the thing about being passionate about something is usually you can’t stop talking about it and that is the case with Todd and me, and it seems on every trip, and often just in our daily lives, diving and or photography come up in casual conversation. Todd noticed there were not many podcasts out there about diving, the diving industry and or underwater photography, so The Aquatic Life Podcast was born. I am hoping that this can be a platform where like minded people can join a community and we can talk to and with other divers, photographers and industry professionals, hear and share their stories and share some stories and experience of our own.

Q: Anything you want to say to listeners to the podcast?
A: First thing is, welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy this dive (pun intended) into our podcast adventure and I am looking forward to meeting some new dive buddies and I hope you get as much out of this adventure as we do.

Stay salty my friends!


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-Todd and Dalton-