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Georgie Bull – UK Diver / Marine Conservationist / Seahorse Whisperer

Georgie Bull’s love of paleontology morphed into a devotion to marine biology and love of scuba diving.  She only started scuba diving in 2016, but her log book already totals well into the 100’s.

Georgie is on her way to a marine biology degree at the University of Plymouth.  While she’s there, she has been exploring the shores of Devon in search of wondrous critters and beautiful underwater seascapes.

George’s foray into capturing the underwater world ‘on film’ started by working in videography.   But quickly realizing that photography has less technical and monetary barriers to entry, switched to concentrating on photography for now.   As she passionately works to log more dives and take more shots, she is planning on concentrating on wide angle photography and seascapes.  But up until this point, Georgie has been putting her compact camera rig to use taking some great macro photos of some very cool sea creatures.

Here are just a few of her pictures.  More can be found on her social media platforms. (See below):

Georgie’s Gear Checklist

Georgie shoots a compact camera setup and has some wet mounted lenses to help he with some of the wide angle shots.  In the future, she hopes to get back into videography when time and money allows for it.  She’s also eyeing a snoot from Backscatter to help with her macro photography work.  But, in the mean time, she is making the most of her current setup.

Georgie’s Memorable Dives

In our podcast episode, Georgie shares some of her most memorable dives. One of the top stories is how seahorses are a coveted find for divers in the seagrass beds in Devon.  They are a super hard find, and most divers won’t get the privilege of seeing these elusive beauties.  However, one day at the end of the dive, Georgie had a feeling that the area she was passing by felt “particularly seahorse-y”.  Her marine biologists’ intuition was right and she found this little beeauty wrapped around a blade of seagrass:

Georgie is also all about the crinoids.  Starfish, Sea urchins and other cool creatures make up some fascinating shapes and textures.  Some of her favorite encounters have been when there has been a meet up of all of them in a single location.

Check out the podcast to hear Georgie’s highlights of her dives in Malta and South Africa too!


UK Dive Clubs & Affiliations

Georgie is involved in quite a few organizations related to diving and her university.  Here are some highlights of her affiliations:

Social Media

Check out Georgie social media accounts and be sure to give her a follow.  She’ll be happy to tell you more about diving in the UK, marine conservation and more!

She was also featured on BBC’s web series ‘bitesize’, where she talks about marine conservation and diving in the UK. You can check it out here.


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