Don’t be the one everyone is waiting for.
Before you get to the dive site have your gear assembled and bag stowed, so you are ready to get in the water, when the Divemaster say the pool is open.

Check your gear.
It’s always a good idea to check your gear before you get on the boat or get to the dive site, so if there is a problem you can stop by the dive shop and get it easily taken care of.

Don’t be the one with the exploding gear bag.
On boats space is valuable, make sure you keep your gear stowed under your dive seat and your dry gear all together up high or toward the front of the boat. Don’t have your gear strewn all over the boat, always practice good housekeeping skills.

Listen to your boat crew.
Your Captain and crew are there for your safety and the safety of everyone on the boat, make sure you follow their instruction, be respectful, remain quiet and listen to their briefings.

Tip your dive crew.
Remember often these guys are work just for tips which they split with the boat crew, so a good rule of thumb is $5 usd per tank and if they go above and beyond, like having to swim to get you and swim you back to the boat or make a point to find that one thing, like a seahorse, you wanted to see on your dive, then give them a little extra.

Be a good dive buddy.
We all were new divers at some point, so if you are paired with a new diver or any diver be a good dive buddy, stay in visual range, check on your buddy, and set a good example.

Don’t disturb the marine life.
I can’t stress this enough, do not DO NOT disturb, touch or harass the marine life. Practice good buoyancy do not bump in to the reef or coral, do not try to pet the turtles, dolphins or sharks.

Rinse buckets
Make sure you use the appropriate rinse bucket, keep masks in the mask bucket and cameras in the camera bucket. The defog you use for your masks can breakdown the orings in the camera housings.

Don’t stir up the bottom with your fins.
Practice good buoyancy, try not to ride the bottom, stir up sand or silt. Try different kicks like the frog kick, modified frog kick or the modified flutter kick.

Don’t get pushy around a point of interest.
When you do see something exciting underwater, take a look (if you have a camera take a couple of shots) then move and let someone else get a good look or couple of pics. Once everyone gets a look you can go back and another look or get more shots.

Stay with your group.
Along with being a good dive buddy, make sure you stay with your group. You don’t want your buddy or your Divemaster to have to come looking for you especially toward the end of the dive.

Finally I would say practice the golden rule, treat others how you would like to be treated or in our case be the kind of dive buddy you would like to have.

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