Silly Scuba News

Dalton says he told me about “The Underwater Times” site years ago, but I don’t remember it.  Although it does a good job of trying to scrape any news story that is ocean related, many of the ‘news’  articles look like they should come from straight out of Mad Magazine or The Onion.

I mentioned in our show was how a man set a new world record for bench pressing underwater.  There’s even video of it!   Dalton also brought up an article from 2017 about how climate scientists are worried about oyster flatulence!


Travel Hacks

In this week’s podcast, Dalton and Todd talk about many travel hacks related to how to get the most gear to your destination with paying the least amount of money.  Some links for items mentioned in the podcast are below:

  • Todd’s favorite photo vest is about $28 on Amazon.  You may not look cool, but you are able to stuff a million things in there to help take weight out of carry on bags.  Here’s what it looks like:
  • The Think Tank Airport Advantage can be found here for about $260 when not on sale.  Here is a picture of it inside the luggage compartment of a regional jet.  I use this picture as proof that it will fit on other CRJ flights, but am almost always told I still have to gate check it because it has wheels:


  • The camera insert aMode IN200 camera bag insert can be found on eBay in black or orange for around $40 delivered.  (It is actually inside the blue bag in the above picture.)  Here’s one of my inserts with a couple of housings and strobes in them.  They can fit in just about any carry on bag, and can easily be taken on separately if flight crew demand that you gate check your bag. (Theres even a handle on top): 
  • This article does a good job breaking down the included insurance for the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card.



Not all of the ideas may work for you, but it’s worth a listen to get a few new ideas.   You can listen to the full episode here: